Sunday, February 23, 2020

February 17, 2020

Hey Friends!

It's been a fun week! I hope it has been for you. The crazy thing about missions is that literally, the days feel like weeks and the weeks feel like days. But I'm always surprised when Monday rolls around again.

A couple things from this last week. For one, we were dead tired on Tuesday. We go Seminary on those mornings, but that day, we just died afterwards. Our brains did not wake up later that day. So we were laughing and yawning every where we went. We finally just had to go home and take a nap, cuz we were so tired.

I also went on exchanges with my STL/Trainer for the last time. She is going home at the end of this transfer. It was so fun to do that with. There were definitely some tear filled moments.

One of the biggest things we have been working on has been a prom fashion show that a thrift store has been working on. I will give more details this next week, as we will be heavily involved in that, but it has been pretty fun mending and steaming the dresses in preparation for it.

Anyway, that's all for now. Hopefully I will have more to tell this next week. I love you all!

Sister Savannah Johanson

Sunday, February 16, 2020

February 3, 2020


It was an exciting week! We had a baptism! Woohoo!! It was so nice! It had been a crazy week and we weren't as prepared as we would have liked to have been, but thankfully it all came together nicely. It was for Annette and I'm do happy for her.

We also found a new person this week. It was amazing! We had gone out tracting for Sunday. We always try and dedicate some time each week to doing so. We went to this one house and talked to Nicole. We decided to try sharing a scripture for an approach. As we were discussing, she started to cry and said that we being there was a sign. She had been thinking about going back to church for her family and her sister had been begging her to go. And then we should up. She asked when services were and said she would be planning on coming. We asked if we could come back and discuss some things about the church. She said yes! I loved this so much because we were touching someone's life and bringing life into their life.

We also helped a member put her house together. They had recently bought it and had some renovations going on with it. They were expecting the appraisers next week, but then they surprised her and said they were coming in that week! She was not prepared! She asked us to come over and we put the house in order. It was actually pretty fun and we got to know her even better. I was really happy to help.

I love learning about the gospel and feeling the spirit. I'm learning a lot about grace and how we overcome our weaknesses. We should never punish ourselves for what we have done. We need to move forward. It is all a part of the plan, even if we mess up. Because God's timing is perfect!

I love you all! I wish you all a happy week!

Sister Savannah Johanson