Tuesday, June 30, 2020

June 29th, 2020

Well, well, well.....

It's been a week. Very long to be sure. We are just chugging along with our new responsibilities and is a lot of uninteresting work of coordinating things and figuring out. We are crazy busy with all the stuff we have going on. We had training for Facebook specialist stuff and we also had a bunch of tech things we had to do. We spent a lot of time just sitting down trying to figure out our lives. But, we got a lot of stuff done and we still had time to do Facebook finding, to which I talked to 2 new people!

I was so sad to see Sister Brown gone! We had such an awesome time together and we were living it up! But, we will still have a fun time with Sister Dorton and I. We are still figuring things out because it's almost like starting all over as a companionship.

We have been working hard, trying to keep both areas alive, since we are over Central Park and Centerton 1st. We had ward Council and MCM with both yesterday. It was nice to get to know some of the members from Centerton 1st and get a feel for the ward. We also had an amazing sacrament and lunch outside with the Baccocinis from Centerton 1st. They are just the best and we had a blast! Funny story, we were running kind of on a short schedule and so we didn't have enough time to eat dessert (also, Sister Dorton couldn't make a decision because she was stuffed full!). So, they decided to just bring out this Tupperware, lasagna sized, FULL of tasty treats for us to eat later, along with plenty of other leftovers. We were not left wanting. 

One little interesting thing I discovered this week about fairness.
"That's not fair!!"
I'm sure we all have said that at some point in our lives, especially to our parents. We dont we get something, but our sibling does. Sometimes in life, we ask God that every same question. Why do they get something, but I don't? The answer is because He loves us. Our parents had to parent each of us kids differently because we learn and grow differently. The same thing goes with God. We each go through different things because we all learn differently and have to have different experiences to become who God wants us to become. Because He loves us.

Love you all!
Sister Savannah Johanson

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