Sunday, July 26, 2020

July 20th, 2020

'Sup Friends! How ya doin'?

It's been a long week for me with transfers and such. It's always such an as adjustment and everything just seems to last so long. The good thing is that I'm doing good things and enjoying it, so it works out okay.

I was so sad to say goodbye to Sister Dorton! We were bestie pals and it was such a fun time together! But, I know there are good times ahead for both of us and it helps that Sister Higley is so cute and fantastic! Funny fact, she is just coming from being trained by my trainee, Sister Dixon! So, she gets to stay with grandma for a bit.

We've had a blast together, visiting all the people. I was able to introduce her to some of the people we are teaching. We also are trying to get to know the ward, because we don't know pretty much anyone because there is no church. So, we've been trying to visit different people and try and stay connected and keep them involved. It has been wonderful so far! The families here are so cute and awesome! I love them so much!

Funny story, I ended up singing an impromptu duet at a members for sacrament. We kind of jump around member to member to participate in the sacrament and we will typically invite one of investigators. Well, after one such incidence, our investigator told us that I should sing a duet with one of the said members' son. At the time, I was like, "sure!", not thinking much of it......Well, we went to this members house, and our investigator brought it up, saying we should do it! Like, that day! The son was like sure, and I was like, yeah!....okay! So, we sung an impromptu, rough rendition of a child's prayer. It was kind of funny, but cute.

Well. I wish I had time to write more, but I will tell more stories next week! Love y'all!

Sister Savannah Johanson

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