Sunday, September 20, 2020

September 14th, 2020

 Hi Friends!

Oh, it's been a beautiful week!!! Jerry was baptized on Saturday and it was so wonderful. There were so many people who loved him who were there, and overall, he seems pretty happy. Now we just gotta start getting him working towards the temple!!

There was a lot of fun stuff that happened this week. We had a photoshoot on Wednesday with some missionaries in our stake. We needed some updates stuff for our Facebook page, so we recruited one of the wonderful members in our ward to come and take some family pictures of us. Sister Higley coordinated (sort of. Elders aren't the best listeners) the outfits.

We've had some service and we have been baking zucchini bread for members and people we are teaching. We also gave some to our neighbors, who we are making friends with. There is a lady who lives above us with the cutest little boy ever! He says hi whenever we walk past.

We heart attacked our apartment building, leaving little notes and our names on our doors. People have definitely noticed and seem to like it. One lady sneakily dropped off a present at our door thanking us, as she had had a rough day and felt so blessed when she came home to see our encouraging thoughts.

One night, we had just randomly gone outside our apartment and started talking with this one girl and ended up having an impromptu bible Study with her. She loves the Savior and has been wanting to go to church. We are hoping we can keep meeting with her.

There are so many blessings and amazing things going on. I hope y'all are seeing them too! J love you!

Sister Savannah Johanson

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