Monday, May 20, 2019

May 20th: 🎉TWO MONTHS!!🎉

Dearest Family, Friends, and Colleagues,

I'VE NOW BEEN OUT OFFICIALLY 2 MONTHS! WOOHOO! I can't say whether or not I feel like I've been out 2 months, whether it's too long or too short. It just feels like it's my normal life now. But boy, has it been an exciting week!

The week started out pretty normal. We had plenty of people we visited with. We had to drop a couple people, but that is okay. We were able to find 7 new people this week! Usually we only have three, but our zone leader challenged us to finding 7 this week and we were able to meet our goal! Fun times!

We had to go back and visit the basher we met with last week, because we said we would look into his questions and come back. I was so scared! I did not want to go and I was worried he was going to find other stuff to argue about. Thankfully, he didn't. We just had a conversation about our beliefs and he shared what he thought and I was able to recognize that it was a difference in belief. His belief didn't quite make sense to me, as it seemed to contradict itself, but it's okay. I was shaking so bad at first, although.

We also a visiting with this 90 year old lady named Pibble. We are more serving her and loving her than teaching, but we do talk about certain things. We gave her a Book of Mormon, saying that it was something that makes us happy and we hope it will make her happy. She said thank you, "but I'm baptist". I told her "we know. We just think it will make you happy." She accepted it graciously and said she was going to read it. We are so sneaky! She doesn't know that we are going to try and teach her eventually.

Kadie and Presley are still set for baptism! They get baptized this Saturday! I am so excited!

The rest of our week was more finding and short visits with people. Nothing too much to report.

So I bet y'all are wondering what makes this week so darned exciting. Well, let me tell you.

It was Saturday, and we knew it was going to be stormy. There was warnings for severe weather, so we kept our eyes to the sky. But it was a pretty typical day. We didn't have a whole bunch planned, as we had scheduled some time for studies, since we had early morning service. So, as the story goes, we had lunch with our ward mission leader and discussed the people we were teaching. I can feel my phone buzzing a couple times, meaning I was getting several text messages. As soon as our lunch is over, we head out and I look at my phone. I see several text messages from the bishop's wife, telling us that there was a tornado warning and to find shelter. We hurry on out and contemplate where to go. We were set on going to the bishop's, however, as soon as the sirens started going off, we decided going to the school close to our apartment would be a better option. At first I was pretty calm, but Sister Nelson wasn't, so that made me nervous. So we make it to the shelter and hide out there. We decided to say a prayer for comfort, in which Sister Nelson started to cry, so then I started to cry. While we waited for the all clear, we did some embroidery that Sister Nelson had brought with us. As soon as we were good, we decided to stay inside for the rest of the day. We were both too scared to go anywhere after that. It was stormy and rainy. It was great!

But it gave us some service to do the next day. Us and some ward members went out and helped clean people's yards of the damage that had happened from the storm. Nothing too major, but some damage nonetheless. It was so fun!

I learned this week how Heavenly Father's timing is perfect and that He makes sure that things work out exactly as they should. We never have to worry if the things that are happening are right, because if we are doing what we are supposed to, He will take care of the rest. We just have to make sure we are doing our part.

I love you all so much!

Love, Sister Johanson

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