Sunday, May 12, 2019

May 6th, 2019: Week 7

Hello, hello, hello!

Hopefully everyone has had a good week. From a few of your letters, it sounds like it has been a little rough. Sad to say, it's been that way for me too. It was still a good week, just a little harder to get through. Thankfully, Heavenly Father blesses us in many ways, and one is by having the week go by so fast! I can't believe it's already Monday and that I get to talk to ya'll.

A lot of this week was appointments falling through. So that's been fun. Also, the golden couple we have been trying to teach hasn't contacted us for over a week and when we go their home, no one is home. Plus, we had some issues we had to resolve with the girls we are teaching and push back their baptism. But that was okay. We got it figured out and they will be more prepared with the more time we have. We visited more less actives this week, because appointments fell through. They are all so stubborn! But we will get there.

The good news is that I know with all these hardships, great things are in store. I know I will see many miracles these next couple weeks.

With all the service projects I am doing, I am learning a lot of homey skills. I now know how to crochet and how to garden, and I'm soon going to learn how to quilt! I'm also realizing how much I love to cook, as I don't get to do it as much. I also don't mind cleaning too much. Still don't like cleaning the dishes, but everything else is fine. Thankfully, I have a companion who likes to do the dishes. So it all works out.

I've learned a lot about faith and prayers this week. I realized that those marvelous experiences that everyone else has can happen for me too. It can happen to anyone who prays and has faith in it. Sometimes, it may not be what you expected or asked for exactly, but it will suit you and your needs and you will always receive an answer. Faith takes practice and you must have a sincere desire to have. Also studying it, in scriptures and other resources will help to increase it. I promise as you sincerely desire and seek for faith and practice it daily in your life, you will see amazing things.

I love you all so very much!

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