Saturday, September 21, 2019

September 16th, 2019: Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust

Dear Everyone!

Hello, hello, hello! How is everyone doing this week? I hope you all have a had a fantastic week. I wish I could say mine was as well, but I can at least say it was a better week, which is good enough for me. It was another week of learning and growing, but so is every week in the mission.

I'm honestly not quite sure what to write about this week. It was a little bit of a struggle to try and find things for us to do. It felt like a lot the people we are teaching weren't able to meet with us this week, so we weren't able to see a lot of people. But we had service, and that is good. We volunteer at the Humane Society and I have learned a lot about different skills. I've learned a lot more on how to deal with dogs and also on how to wash dishes. We have done a lot more of the later lately. But it has been a lot of fun and we now have the process done to a tee. 

Also, this week, we are realizing that we need to try and limit our miles, so we thought we would try and do biking. That was an adventure. We only did it once for, like 10-15 minutes, but we got plenty of perspiration on ourselves. But there was a tender mercy to it. We had biked our to this one house where this girl had recently gotten baptized within the last year, but she hasn't been active. We had tried before, but no one answered. So we went and knocked on the door and there still wasn't anything. So, we walked back to our bikes and were talking about what we should do. As we were talking, outcomes this girl and starts talking to us. She turns out to be the girl we were looking for. Her dad wasn't home, so we weren't able to set up a return appointment, but we got to meet her. If we had driven, we probably would have missed her.

This week was a lot about faith, humility, and patience. All of those are major attributes to what I have learned my entire transfer. I've gone through some rough stuff and it hasn't been my favorite, but I have to learn to let things go, to trust Heavenly Father when He tells me it will get better, and humble myself in being willing to learn what he wants me to learn. It is so easy in life to doubt, to judge others, to be led into pride, to give up before we are willing to see the result. But if we will practice slowly working on these things, little by little, bit by bit, eventually we will be places that we never thought we would get. Things take time, they take love and patience. It takes the willingness to learn.

Heavenly Father loves you. He is cheering you on and is willing to help you in whatever you ask for. You just have to believe that He will take care of you.

I love you
Sister Savannah Johanson 

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