Sunday, December 8, 2019

November 18th, 2019: Tis the Season is upon Us

Hello, hello, hello, friends!

I hope you all are enjoying this wonderful time of year with the holidays coming up. Hopefully they didn't sneak up on you. I'm so excited for the stuff coming up, with the beautiful spirit of Christmas being spread for all to hear.

This week has been a lot of planning. We had zone conference this week and they introduced and explained Light the World for this year. It is a great time to be a missionary around this time, as people seem happier and more willing to hear about Jesus than any other time. We are excited for some of the stuff coming up. They really encouraged us to come up with some fun, creative ideas on what to do, so we have been spending some time on doing that this week.

We had a few lessons this week, however most of it wasn't quite lessons as people much prefer to just sit and talk to us about their lives. But we do our best with it and we still love them!

I wish I had more to report on, but hopefully we will have some things coming up that will make for more exciting stuff.

Lately, I've been seriously studying the plan of Salvation, trying to find some answers to some questions I've had recently. I've learned quite a bit about some things I didn't realize and I'm hoping to find out more about it and ponder about what all of it means. I'm hoping that I will learn some things that will help me. This week, I was reading in the gospel topics about a lot of different things, and there was something that stood out to me. "One purpose of earth life is to show what choices we will make." Some trials come to what we choose to do, not always what we become. Some things are tests and part of God's plan. I thought this was so interesting, because I always hear so much about how trials help us learn, but it helped me realize it's also a lot about what we choose to do in those moments as part of our test here on life.

I'm so grateful for the plan of happiness and the hope it gives me in this life. I hope you all can find it to. I love you!

Sister Savannah Johanson

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