Monday, December 9, 2019

Re: December 2nd, 2019: Holiday Fun

Hi Everyone!

This has been a good week! I loved it so much!

On Tuesday, we were able to go on exchanges with the Sister training leaders, and I was so lucky and blessed to have Sister Nelson, who was my trainer. It was a good time to be with her. We did some pretty fun things.

We started the day off by going and dropping stuff off for a float they were making for a parade. It was a super last minute idea and there was little structure to it, but it was still fun. We went and helped make the float, and in all honesty, there wasn't much to it. All it really was was a trailer with straw and Christmas lights. I'm sure it will be a lot cooler later because they are doing a live nativity on it.

I found that I love service at food pantries. It's just always good work, always things to do, and always good people to talk to. We helped organize their shelves and keep supplies stocked up for the assembly line for care/commodities boxes. We met a cute family there that was volunteering for the holidays. Sister Nelson and I got to work with the dad and the 2 teenagers, a girl and a boy. They were so nice!

Anyway, later, we went and visited some people and I was able to get to know a lot of pretty cool people. We went and saw a Marshallese family and we read the Book of Mormon picture book with the two little kids, Milo and Moana. Later, their older brother AJ joined us. Next, we had dinner with a cool member family and they were really nice. Probably my most favorite part was when we went to see Sister Smith, who was just the best. She is a black lady and just loves to talk about Jesus and His mighty miracles and loves to sing her prayers. It was just so cute! We barely said anything while we were there, but it was still just great. We tried finding this other person's house but it was just too dark to see their house number, so we went and met a less active member and got to know her better.

Wednesday was interviews, so that was good. We had a workshop with our mission President talking about the new handbook. In all honesty, not much has changed, but I definitely like the way it is phrased. It's more focused on principles rather than prescriptions. Afterwards, we did a "friendsgiving" with our district. What it was is that we prepared a Thanksgiving meal for people who may not have somewhere to go for the holidays. All of us invited people we were teaching and ward members we know to come. It was a whole thing with preparing it, though. The bishop from another ward was bringing most of the stuff already prepared, but there was a miscommunication about timing and stuff, so most of the food didn't turn up until last minute. We were trying to scrounge what we could during that time and just set up because we didn't know what else to do. There actually wasn't that many people there, but it was still good. We got to talk to them and help them have a good holiday. There was A LOT of food left over. We ended up having to take an entire Turkey home. Literally. Bone and everything. It's still sitting in our fridge.

Thursday was good. It was a fun Thanksgiving. We got invited over to our stake president's house and they had all of their family over. It was a fun time getting to talk to people and eat food. Later, we went and heart attacked some people we are teaching and some members. We were trying to be sneaky about it, so it was a whole adventure. Each house had a new challenge for us. It was so much fun!

Friday happened. And then it was Saturday! Sister Jack actually got to go up to the temple with one of her old companions and someone she had taught from one of her areas. So, I got to spend the day with her companion's companion up in Bentonville. It was so fun! They had a Light the World both up there with a chalkboard, free hot chocolate, the new Christ Child video, etc. I loved it! We got to talk to some cool people. We also practiced a missionary choir to perform that night and that was so fun. I got to see lots of old friends and companions. It was a blast! I loved it!

Sunday, we went to a multi-denomination meeting. A bunch of churches from around the area came together at the Presbyterian church and just talked about how we can be unified, even though we are all different. The important part is that we all believe in Christ. It really was cool! We got to talk some people and it was a good experience. It was kind of funny because our bishop was called on to pass the plate!😂 He was caught a little off guard.

This week, I learned a lot about what truth is and how sometimes there is no right or wrong. Sometimes, things are just done differently and it's just all about where we stand with our Heavenly Father rather than technical, minute details. In the end, it's not about anyone else. Just Him and you.

Anyway, I love you all! I hope things are going well!

Sister Savannah Johanson

212 S Mock St. Apt. C1
Prairie Grove, AR 72753

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