Tuesday, March 17, 2020

March 16, 2020

Hey Everyone!

Well, it has been an interesting week for me, it has been for all of you. We had already started out the week on a weird note and it only progressed from there. Stay safe friends! Wash your hands!

We are down on service for this week and we may be for awhile. We do a few stuff with the elderly and a thrift store we normally help out with is closed until further notice. We are getting help though on the inside of a food pantry from a member to help with logistic stuff, so that we can still help out. We will be filing a lot of things this next week, as the service is filing.

Finding this week was interesting. Since no one really wants us knocking on their doors, we have gone to Walmart to try and talk to people and we have had some good conversations with people there. It's definitely a work in process with technique and all, as Sister Fisher and I are both new to it, but we are improving in small ways. It has been fun to discover ways to talk with people. But, we won't be doing much of that anymore. We have a whole new schedule for this next week from our mission president to social distance, so we will be doing most missionary work in the apartment for awhile.

It will be interesting to have another transfer with Sister Fisher. I love having her as a companion and we are always finding new ways to help each other and improve. Hopefully we won't get sick of each other, but I remain optimistic about the future.

With all the crazy stuff going on, we are really having to come up with new ideas on what to do. We have decided to visit members and try and uplift them during this scary time and encourage them to uplift others. We feel it is a good way for us to get to know more of the members and stay informed with everything from people to events in the world. We are trying to find ways to stay busy and spread the gospel. Hopefully, it will get better. 

More updates next week. Love you all!

Sister Savannah Johanson

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