Friday, April 3, 2020

March 30, 2020

Hello Brothers and Sisters!

I'm sure you all are wondering, how is she doing with this quarantine going on. It's a good question, and I ask myself that on occasion. It has been a total flip flop with everything going on and so many of my mission friends are headed home. Our mission seems to be changing in a matter of weeks! No changes with me and Sister Fisher (sort of). But our schedule is totally wack compared to what we did before. We have a lot of spare time on our hands, to which our mission President has allowed us to designate as time for some personal develop. We are still involved in missionary work, having some interesting times and experiences because of the "uniqueness" of our approach.

As far as what our schedule looks like, we wake up at 6:30 (per usual), we exercise for an hour, to keep ourselves fit and healthy. Sister Fisher and I have actually started doing these dance workouts, and they are pretty fun. We find ourselves having dance parties half way through the day to practice some of the moves. After exercise, we get ready for the day, have a personal Study, then we are off to do service.

We aren't allowed to be around people, so our service has contributed to us staying indoors. We have done some little projects for a member in the ward who puts together little entertainment kits for the primary kids. Our other service has mainly contributed of sewing, as we are currently making masks for the hospitals and nursing homes, as they are on short supply.

After service is lunch! Then we have an hour and a half of personal development to work on some of our goals. They asked us to make one for each of the categories: spiritual, intellectual, social, and physical. Some of mine have been memorizing Joseph Smith History 1:10-17, writing stories and practicing singing, improving on listening, and getting myself back into shape. It's been an interesting experience, and some days are better than others, but it has been fun to have some time to work on some new skills.

We then do some cleaning, to keep away the germs😁, then finding. We have different kinds of finding and we have had some interesting experiences with it. We do a lot of Facebook, such as posting some inspirational things out there. We even put a free Book of Mormon of marketplace (to which someone actually expressed some interest!) We also have been contacting people in area book who have previously been taught. We had some cool experiences. One of them, we asked if they needed any help, to which they responded that they were running low on food. To that, we weren't sure how we were going to get her food, but we were determined to do so. Thankfully, God performs miracles. Later that night, we received a call from a member, saying that she had a little care package to bring to us. When she came over, it turned out to be box of food. A local church had been giving out food to those who needed it. We were so grateful for the thoughtfulness of this member. As we looked at the contents, we found that most of the items in there were things we already had and didn't really need. But we knew you could use it. That night we ran it over to them, and they were ever so grateful to receive it!

Even during this times, I know that God still blesses us and helps each of that we may accomplish our purpose, whatever it may be. I've had my ups and downs these past few weeks, and sometimes the ups seems far and In between, but God is still there. We can still find joy.

I love you all and pray for you!

Sister Savannah Johanson

(Savannah hasn't sent new pictures lately. However, I (her mother), found some on the ABM mission facebook page. Some might be duplicates from earlier in her mission. So there is no social distancing in any of these pictures)

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