Monday, April 27, 2020

April 27th, 2020

Hey friends!

I will be honest, it is rough. But one nice thing about these letters is that it makes me look back and find the good things about this week. Which is why I should probably be a little more vigilant with writing (yes, Mom I know). Anyway....

We are still sewing masks. I keep thinking we will stop having people to make them for, but then we get blessed with more, which is nice. It's the one thing we have that's consistent and going well. We have done it so much that I now dream about it (it's almost like a nightmare!😨)

We try and put stuff out there for people to read that's uplifting. We aren't seeing too many results but hopefully it will have helped some. We post stuff on Facebook, send inspirational quotes, we even will go out and chalk the sidewalk with some scripture messages and stuff. So....we are at least trying.

We don't have many people to teach. We really only have one, which is fine. Wish it was more, to be honest. We are calling members and giving them a little lesson.

I will be sharing my story later this week (hopefully) on my spiritual thoughts for the week, so keep an eye out for that.

Wish you all the best! Love you!

Sister Savannah Johanson

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